Angham entertains the Dubai audience with a singing evening with Fouad Abdel Wahed participation

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May 20, 2023
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June 17, 2023

In an atmosphere full of joy and romance, Dubai audiences were treated to an evening of singing performed by Egyptian singer Angham on the Coca-Cola Arena stage in Dubai, on Saturday. The concert was attended by thousands of authentic singing lovers of different ages and different Arab nationalities.
Angham participated in the ceremony, the Yemeni artist Fouad Abdel Wahed, who began the concert with a distinctive singing segment that began at ten in the evening, and extended for more than 80 minutes, during which Fouad presented to his fans a group of his most famous songs, with which the audience interacted, and repeated their words with him, especially in the Tarab songs that achieved success. Millions of followers on social media, such as his famous song “Black Eyes.”
During the press conference before going on stage, Abdul Wahed announced the imminent launch of his new album entitled “Azuf”, in which a group of composers will participate, including Turki Abdul Rahman, Yasser Abu Ali and others. He also announced that he will embark on an artistic tour that includes presenting a group of concerts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
After a short break, the concert resumed with a speech delivered by the Lebanese journalist Nishan, presenting the artist Angham’s segment, which he described as “the voice and image of Egypt,” and the queen of embodying refined feelings who address the conscience of her audience with the sweetest words and melodies and her masterful performance.
He addressed the audience by saying: “Welcome Umm Omar with me, so that the audience’s enthusiasm flares up, and he receives his favorite star with cheers and continuous warm applause, so that Angham appears on the stage with an elegant appearance, and with steady steps she receives the greetings of her audience eager for her art.”
Angham opened her concert with the song “I Hope It Doesn’t Change,” to which the audience interacted with endless enthusiasm and cheers, and began an artistic evening that extended into the early hours of Sunday morning, amid complete enjoyment and interaction from her fans.
Angham presented a group of her songs that varied between feelings of romance, strength, weakness, and nostalgia. She sang of love, sadness, will, and brokenness. She also serenaded her fans with a group of songs in the Gulf dialect, such as “By the Way” and “Where Do You Go.”
The concert’s tunes were performed accompanied by the musical band led by Maestro Hani Farhat, and she excelled in embodying all these feelings on stage, to the point of increasing the audience’s interaction and coexistence with the words of her songs.
Among the songs she performed: “I hope it doesn’t change,” “You and I are a special case,” “Describe me,” “By the way,” “Where are you going,” “I’m in love,” “I’m not weak,” “Yes, I love you so much,” “ The most beautiful period of my life”, “Why did you keep silent”, “He didn’t bring up my biography”, “I am not your girlfriend”, “Can you leave me”, “I wish him well”, “Sir, may you be well”.
Angham shined with her theatrical presence and continuous interaction with the audience, with her singing segment that extended for more than two hours of authentic singing without a break between the songs, most of which were difficult and required great effort in performance, which Angham performed with sincere feeling that highlighted her vocal and creative abilities.
Angham expressed her happiness at meeting the Dubai audience after an absence during her meeting with journalists, and she said: “Receiving the Dubai audience gave me an extraordinary energy of love, and made me not feel the passage of time on stage. I greatly missed meeting the audience in Dubai, as it is a combination of generosity, wit, high spirit, and taste.” Artistically, this audience gives motivation to any artist to create, and I actually enjoyed the presence of the audience and their interaction to the point that I did not want to leave the theater because of the intensity of the love I felt.
In response to journalists’ questions about her health, Angham said: “Praise be to God, I recovered from the health crisis, and there are only some side effects that I got used to, but I am fine, thank God.”

Angham commented on the latest video clip that she released, entitled “Forget You,” in which she acts and sings, and some consider it bold and surprising. She said: “This song represents a realistic human condition that I witnessed in life, and that many women went through when parting, and the lyrics of the song are by the poet Amir Taima.” This realistic method of presenting the song was imposed on us, so I was convinced to present the video clip myself without using any model.”