Asala and Ahlam Shine in a Magical Concert in Dubai

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December 13, 2023
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December 22, 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – December 15, 2023 –

Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai prepares to host an exceptional musical evening, featuring the renowned stars Asala and Ahlam in a joint concert organized in collaboration with O-MEDIA, the media arm of ONPASSIVE, and Best Moment Events , the leading event organizer in the United Arab Emirates

Both Asala and Ahlam hold prominent positions in the world of Arabic music, with careers punctuated by creativity and continuous success. They have captivated their Arab audience for years with a vast collection of songs that blend artistic sensitivity with vocal brilliance, achieving widespread popularity and prestigious awards.

The concert program is set to brim with the greatest and most beloved songs of the two stars, including “Tadri Lish Az3el Alik,” “Hi Di El Hayah,” “Hob Wa Aanf,” “El Hob El Kebir,” and “Takhonoh.” Lovers of resonant voices and moving melodies eagerly anticipate a special interaction with every note sung by Asala and Ahlam, creating a night brimming with emotions and memories that will forever remain etched in hearts.

This event comes as part of a series of concerts and artistic festivals organized by O-MEDIA in collaboration with Best Moment Events, aiming to enrich the cultural scene in the United Arab Emirates and present unforgettable artistic experiences for lovers of authentic Arabic music.