George Wassouf entertains the Dubai Opera audience with a full concert

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May 5, 2023
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On Friday, the main theater of Dubai Opera hosted a singing evening performed by “Sultan of Tarab” George Wassouf, with the participation of singer Adam, in their first meeting with the house’s audience.
The ceremony witnessed a large turnout and the slogan “full numbers” was raised, especially since it was the first held by George Wassouf since the death of his son a few months ago, which made the audience chant the name “Abu Wadih” throughout the ceremony in a state of support and sympathy.
The concert began at nine in the evening with a singing performance by the Lebanese singer Adam, who was distinguished by his melodious voice and his famous romantic Tarab songs, which achieved millions of views on social media since their release. Adam’s segment varied between presenting songs from his album and a group of classic songs by stars of the good old days, such as Warda, Dhikra, and Dalida. His singing performance extended for more than an hour and a half, which he began with the song “Sweet, My Country” by Dalida, then moved between a group of romantic, musical, and patriotic songs, with which the audience interacted, such as “How are you?”, “On my mind,” “Years away,” and “The tears are over,” “The story is over,” and “This is me.”
In the second part of the ceremony, the journalist Nishan presented it, and at the beginning he gave a speech about the star George Wassouf, in which he talked about creating joy from the womb of pain, and how this is the first concert in which he appears without his late son, Wadih, accompanying him. He called on the audience to pay tribute to the soul of the late artist’s son – before welcoming him on stage – and the place erupted with continuous chanting of the title “Abu Wadi’.”
The artist George Wassouf took the stage at approximately eleven in the evening, and the audience received him with a storm of applause and warm greetings, and “Abu Wadih” greeted him in return, saying: “My dear one has gone… and all I have left is you and your love.”
“Sultan of Tarab” succeeded in satisfying his audience’s thirst for his voice and songs by presenting a large collection of old and new songs through a show that extended for more than an hour and a half, and the audience chanted with him songs such as “I Stayed Up the Night,” “The One Who Tired Us for Years in His Love,” and “Who Do I Go to?” » Umm Kulthum, “Surgeon Doctor”, “There Is No Account”, “Hawa Sultan”, “I Lost All People”, “The Lover’s Heart is His Guide”, “Teach My Heart Longing”, and other songs in which Hamas prevailed. The audience hears the sound of the choir on stage singing with the great singer.
The concert was dominated by a state of human feelings and communication between “Sultan of Tarab” and his fans, who celebrated him and his songs greatly.
In the last minutes of the concert, one of the spectators surprised everyone by jumping on stage for the purpose of photographing with the artist, but the security men immediately took him down and escorted him outside the theater, so George Wassouf intervened to ask their permission to bring him back to complete the concert. Indeed, the spectator returned to his seat until the concert ended.