ONPASSIVE is pleased to introduce its new product, O-Robots, an innovative product that combines modern technology and artificial intelligence to provide a unique interactive experience for users. This product includes two types of robots, the "Mini Robot" for personal use and the "Big Robot" for interacting with the public in conferences and public places.

Mini Robot: This small smart robot is the first product in the O-Robots series. It stands at 30 cm and is designed to be an interactive office tool. It relies on advanced operating technologies that enable it to respond to voice commands making it usable to assist users in accomplishing tasks related to their work field. This makes it ideal for professionals looking for ways to improve their efficiency. The robot is trained based on customer requirements, ensuring the provision of a customized service that varies from one client to another.

Big Robot: Unlike its smaller counterpart, the big robot towers at 165 cm, making it resemble the natural size of the human body. It is an advanced robot specially designed to interact with the public in conferences and public places, and it can also be used in distinguished places such as the entrance of institutions and companies. Like the small robot, this type can be programmed to provide information and welcome guests and clients, making it ideal for situations that require clear and interactive presence. It is also variably programmable, and it can be equipped to accomplish specific tasks at any separate occasion.

Technology and Artificial Intelligence Both robots harness the power of modern artificial intelligence, allowing them to learn from experiences and adapt to user needs. This integration ensures a superior level of service, transforming the way we interact with technology.

O-Robots is a cutting-edge product that offers a unique interactive experience for users and clients. By combining modern technology and artificial intelligence, the way we interact with robots and technology is transformed. Whether you are looking for a tool to assist you in accomplishing daily tasks or need an interactive interface for your conferences or businesses, O-Robots will provide an effective and innovative solution. These robots were designed to meet your individual needs and offer a unique and effective user experience that goes beyond what traditional robots offer.

ONPASSIVE is proud to present this wonderful product and looks forward to changing the way we interact with technology through it. ONPASSIVE aims through this product for artificial intelligence to be in everyone's hands while ensuring the now use of this rapidly and astonishingly evolving technology.