ONPASSIVE participates in World Women Entrepreneurs 2023

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February 22, 2023
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March 18, 2023

The Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs 2023, which will be held under the slogan Women Entrepreneurs in Light of Digital Transformation, will be launched and organized by the Emirates Business Women Council on March 10 and 11 in Abu Dhabi, in order to enhance the role of women in the field of digital transformation and the use of technology within the framework of the vision and strategy of the UAE 2071.

More than 350 personalities and delegations from more than forty countries will participate in this forum, representing entrepreneurial institutions, economic institutions, businesswomen’s councils, foreign labor councils, trade attachés, Arab and foreign diplomatic corps, representatives of women’s associations working in the country, in addition to a large number of university students and scientific institutes in the country.

The forum revealed the participation of ONPASSIVE , one of the world’s leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence and information technology, which seeks, through presenting its digital platforms, to support and empower women and motivate them to innovate and entrepreneurship in the field of digital technology, business technology, administrative work, and how to invest in the latest digital technologies. Artificial intelligence tools and their application in various fields of work efficiently to ensure digital transformation and the development of their economic projects.
Ashraf Mufareh, Founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE, said: The company is working to encourage women to launch into the world of artificial intelligence, and we believe that the presence of women in artificial intelligence is essential to work. Through our digital platforms, we are working to support the presence of women in the field of digital projects and the digital economy and provide them with mechanisms Artificial intelligence in future projects, as this will save a great deal of time and resources – ONPASSIVE is also working to promote gender balance in the technological field as one of the most important global trends for implementing development programs and projects and providing revolutionary solutions in the telecommunications sector, which is in line with the future vision of the government The UAE.
The agenda of the forum will focus on the future vision for the growth of the business sector in light of enabling digital transformation and the economic opportunities that will arise as a result of this transformation and the optimal utilization of human, financial and technical resources, promoting innovation and cooperation and drawing a new future for business. The forum will also focus on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and the responsible use of innovation as one of the most important pillars. Digital transformation and its role in accelerating the productivity and profitability of companies, and how women entrepreneurs can use it to achieve high economic value and raise the level of effectiveness and efficiency for their companies.