The training management division of OMEDIA, a subsidiary of "ONPASSIVE," is considered one of the departments that focuses on enhancing the functional proficiency of employees in both the public and private sectors. It aims to develop skills for individuals who seek to independently enhance their capabilities in various fields. This is achieved by utilizing human capital development methods pursued by all organizations, to equip young human resources with the ability to keep up with the successive changes in multiple domains.

The training management division aims to become a professional training platform that targets all government and private sectors at the level of the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the Arab region. It focuses on media, administrative, technical, and academic fields, offering studies, research, organizational and administrative consultancy related to human development. Additionally, it focuses on developing individual and collective skills within institutions and organizations.

The training provided caters to the training requirements of governments in the region across various fields, including media, education, corporate communications, artificial intelligence, information technology, and other important and vital subjects.

Furthermore, the training management division of OMEDIA seeks to establish international partnerships that allow participants in the courses to obtain numerous international certifications and accreditations. There is also flexibility in conducting training programs in terms of time, location, and remote participation.